Category: Mounts on wheels

The Sweety Toys mounts are available in two different sizes, S and M. The mount moves independently through the movement of its rider, the exact process is briefly explained in the following text. Sit face forward on the animal and grasp the handles attached to the animal's head with both hands. You should place your feet on the pedals provided for this purpose. The animal is set in motion by its rider repeating the following sequence over and over again. 1) Press the pedals hard and rise out of the saddle so that the animal's hind legs fold forward. 2) Now lower yourself back into the saddle and bend your knees so that you take the pressure off the pedals. If the rider repeats this process, the animal starts moving. You control the direction by moving handles on the animal's head left or right. The mounts from Sweety Toys are characterized by their stability and high quality. Lots of fun adventures and hours of fun are guaranteed. A very nice video of the Running Animals by Sweety Toys can be seen on You Tube. Enter the title "Sweety Toys posable mounts" or here the link: watch?v=W-dCNHZuFO4