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A rediscovered classic: the hobbyhorse

Buy your child a hobby horse, spark their imagination for creative adventures. Discover the variety of timeless toys that made children's hearts beat faster as classics decades ago. Our selection of hobby horses complements the traditional toy for horse lovers with modern functionality and the best materials for hours of smart fun.

Contemporary hobbyhorses with gallop sounds

Just by looking at the great hobby horses, many adults hear the children's laughter of their own childhood revive in their minds. The hobby horse is a real classic that is also moving into modern children's rooms with the contemporary models from Sweety Toys. The child-friendly heads with the comfortably designed handles sit on a sturdy wooden rod, at the end of which two smooth-running wooden wheels are sometimes attached. Now the game can begin and the little horse lover "ride off" to experience great fantasy adventures.

The sticker brownie is one of the models , which are not only visually appealing but also acoustically appealing: A great cowboy song sounds when an ear is pressed. Other hobby horses inspire with neighing and galloping noises for a lively game with the hobby horse.

Enchanting riding adventures with hobby horses and more

Not only the classic hobbyhorse is shown with a large selection of models at Sweety Toys. The classic toy can also be chosen as a dinosaur to ensure great fun. And if the hobby horse is not enough as a riding toy, you can also give little horse lovers a lot of joy. Browse through other categories in our online shop and discover our standing horses, which in some Designs even match the hobbyhorses offered here on this page. Fantasy animals are not neglected in our range either, as the large selection of unicorns in the online shop proves.< /p>

You can of course buy a hobby horse in our online shop in tested quality and at optimized prices. Choose creative designs and classic models made of soft plush according to your child's taste. Look forward to bright eyes and happy children's laughter with the great toys from the Sweety Toys range.