Category: Standing horses with steel base

In this category you will find a world first developed especially for you by Sweety Toys.

The new improved standing horse from Sweety Toys is made of a robust steel base. Until now, the inside of the standing horses was made of styrofoam. This styrofoam form has been supplemented with a steel construction so that the substructure is more robust and stable. This way we avoid breaking or denting the styrofoam. The service life of the stable horses and the quality have been improved enormously with this measure.

We have also made it easier to assemble the horse heads. Previously, the heads were fixed using two screws. With the new standing horse variant, the head is attached to the body with a zip.

A big standing horse for the little rider

A plush standing horse is much more than a normal stuffed animal. It gives the little horse fan a great basis for a lively and imaginative riding game. Our creative models bring great riding fun into the children's room for boys and girls and make their eyes light up. Choose your favorite between a cool cowboy horse and a magical unicorn!

Created for the fantasy ride

A smart standing horse from Sweety Toys makes children's hearts beat faster. Our play horses differ not only in terms of design, but also in terms of size and equipment. The Giant Brownie standing horse, for example, invites with its noble saddle, the detailed bridle and light mane straight to the next adventure. While the Magical Unicorn takes little horse lovers into the fairytale world.

The high-quality workmanship of the standing horses not only ensures that the toy stands securely, but also improves its durability. If a standing horse XXL were only made with a styrofoam body, the body would deform ugly after just a few horseback riding games. For this reason, the models have a stable inner frame, which is covered with soft padding and high-quality materials. You will find this stability in the Sweety Toys range of mounts with every standing horse. Big and small will have lots of fun with the great toy animals.

Standing horse XXL - smart details and high resilience

Each standing horse has its own special features, which always offer the right variant for the diverse tastes. Should it be a light or a dark horse? Is a giant standing horse with a plaid neckerchief your favorite, or is it the white beauty with the pink saddle? Choose the standing horse you want based on your child's favorite colors or simply let your child choose their favorite model themselves. All important details can be found in the detailed model descriptions. There you will also find out up to what weight the standing horse can be loaded and for what age the giant horse is suitable.

Browse through our large selection at Sweety Toys. You buy the toy horse online not only in high quality, but also at reasonable prices. The stable and robust riding horse comes straight to your home with an enchanting design and will definitely win your child's heart.